Optional Riders

There are also many riders to choose from, to add specific benefits that fit your family’s needs best. Between the policy benefit options, inflation protection options and rider options, you can elect to cover some, or nearly all your expected long-term care needs. Optional long-term care policy riders include:


Shared Care

Security Benefit

Professional Home Health Care

Survivorship Benefit

Joint Waiver of Premium

Return of Premium

Inflation Protection

Non-Forfeiture Shortened Benefit Period

Waiver of Elimination Period (HHC)

Reduced Benefit for HHC or Assisted Living

HHC – Home Health Care

Elimination Period

This is the waiting period before benefits begin. The elimination period starts on the first day you are chronically ill and receive a covered service. Like most long-term care insurance policies, the elimination period is 90 days. Your policy waives the elimination period for the cash benefit option of home health care benefits.