Next Steps

Call or email Capital Retention and we can discuss your long-term care insurance needs. Your advisor can provide you an illustration customized for your unique situation and financial needs. You can even apply right online, or your advisor will set up a personal meeting with an agent in your area.

After you have selected the best policy options for your needs, you will receive a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy Illustration. This is a multi-page confirmation of all coverages, options, benefits, and costs associated with your long-term care policy. You will also get a Break-Even Analysis showing how many days you would have to be on claim to recover your premiums paid. In all cases, you will receive more in benefits, than the total amount of premium paid in, with just one year on claim.

You can adjust the benefits and costs of your illustration and have a new illustration prepared. Once you are satisfied, an agent will go over your long-term care contract with you and you begin premium payments and can enjoy peace of mind that you now have financial help in all of your covered long-term care needs.