Flex-Plan Details

Your policy provides the professional services that traditional long-term care insurance does, like nursing home, assisted living and adult day care, but also stay at home benefits and more, all included in the base policy:

How Do I Apply?

First Day Cash Benefit

This option gives you cash to pay family caregivers or close friends, to keep you in your home.

Home Health Care

Including personal care to assist daily living needs, homemaker services, registered nurse, home health aide or therapist, and adult day care

Facility Care

Your policy also covers assisted living and nursing home care.

Respite Care

Provides use of professional care, up to 30 days a year, while your family caregivers are away or vacationing.

Stay at Home Benefits

Provides funds for caregiver training, durable equipment, home modification, and a medical alert system.

Hospice Care

Provides care and comfort, in any setting, with no elimination period.

Waiver of Premium

This means you do not have to pay the premium on your policy when you’re receiving covered LTC services.

Care Coordination

You have access to the optional services of a licensed health care professional, who provides personalized long-term care coordination.

State Partnership Program Qualification

This policy allows you to protect one dollar of assets for each dollar your long-term care policy pays in benefits, and yet eventually qualify for Medicaid, if needed.

International Benefit

If you’re traveling when the need for care arises, your policy will pay a limited benefit for long-term care services you receive outside the US, Canada or United Kingdom.

Alternate Care

There may be services or treatments that don’t exist today yet may become standard practice in the future. Your policy will pay benefits for this type of alternate care when recommended by your care coordinator.