Long-term Care Insurance and Assisted Living

Happy Hour. Maybe that’s not something you associate with assisted living, but assisted living facilities are trying to mimic a home atmosphere more than ever. When one partner qualifies for long-term care insurance coverage for assisted living, the other can remain with their loved one in an assisted living community.

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Assisted living offers couples the opportunity to stay united and live out their time together, much as they did at home.

Did you know assisted living communities now provide such amenities as chair aerobics bingo, recipe club, shopping trips, card club, yoga, Bible study, church services, field trips, and yes, even cocktail hour? With a proper assisted care insurance plan, you can afford to stay at assisted living facilities and continue enjoying your regular activities.

Assisted living insurance plans may help your family connections remain strong. It provides benefits for covered long-term care services. That means you’ll be able to supplement the help you receive from your partner, with professional caregiving services. You can also enjoy the friendships and the social aspects of assisted living, which is proven to prolong mental and physical health. Transitioning from family care in your home to assisted living is easier than ever and has never had more opportunities. Your Capital Retention advisor works with partner long-term care insurance companies nearby. Their agents can send you an online application and adjust the benefits to fit your family’s long-term care needs, and at a customized premium that works for your elder care planning.