Pastor Larson Shares
His Experience

Listen in as Pastor Larson cites the family issues that arise when long-term care planning hasn’t been addressed by families. As a pastor, he sees how many seniors spend time in long-term care facilities, versus those that pass away never needing long-term care. The point he makes is, do yourself and your family a favor, and talk about how you are going to plan for end of life and then start that plan into action before it’s too late.

Flex-Plan Advantage. Executive Summary

Most seniors would rather age at home and can’t imagine themselves in a nursing home. Did you know it is now possible to live at home longer? Capital Retention’s partners have, affordable long-term care insurance plans which include a cash option, so you can pay your family or friend caregivers, collect cash for respite care, and stay at home longer. When family caregiving has run its course, assisted living payments will be there for you. Once care needs become more intense, you can transition your claims to nursing home or hospice care.

Will I have family members willing to help care for me in my home?
Will we have funding for long-term care we will require (will we control your finances)?
Could our long-term care expenses burden our children financially?
Once one of us needs care, will there be income to support the other?
Will we be able to pass assets on to our children?
How can I get cheap long-term care insurance?

Here Are Some Common Questions of Aging Parents:

Capital Retention is your trusted source for straight answers to tough long-term care insurance questions. We are committed to share the most innovative long-term care insurance plans available, to keep you at home longer, provide cash for your family caregivers and help you make an easy transition to assisted living options and nursing home care, if needed.

Your probability of needing long-term care is 70%. With rising long-term care costs, baby boomer retirement and state & federal budget shortfalls, the government will most likely take on a smaller role in long-term care benefits. Where do you think your long-term care dollars will come from? Contact us and we will help you find a low cost long-term care insurance plan so that you would not worry about you future.